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Active Clean Air and GranitiFiandre’s porcelain tiles create an anti-pollution, anti-bacterial tile perfect for wellness centres and accommodations, where hygiene is a priority in architectural design. 

The Active Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic™ method was designed specifically to create one-of-a-kind antibacterial floor and wall coverings. The result is an anti-pollutant, self-cleaning, anti-bacterial and anti-odour photocatalytic tile which is suitable for all spaces where hygiene must be a priority. These materials are covered by a thin film of photocatalytic TiO2, and  thanks to natural and artificial light and the humidity present in the air, the process of photocatalysis transforms the principal toxic components of city air into substances which are innocuous for the human body.

The many projects in which these tiles have been used include the Manhattan Fitness Centre in Vienna, designed by interior designer Alice Koller (Wonderland Design) with Marfil Select Extreme porcelain tiles by GranitiFiandre.


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