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PhotoPAQ Conference 2014

Photocatalysis: Science and Application for Urban Air Quality 2014, 15-17 april, Lyon France

Following the implementation of a European collaborative project (2009-2014) funded by the Life + program, our European consortium wants to organize a conference that aims to do the state of art related to the quality of air in urban areas, methods of active remediation (photocatalysis) and the design of the city of tomorrow. This symposium will be on the border between science application and management the environment in the urban world. This is to facilitate the opening that the request is made.

This meeting aims to bring together researchers from different disciplines (atmospheric chemistry , catalysis, photocatalysis ) , industry and local government representatives . Our project PhotoPAQ invite the international community of researchers as well as policy makers to join us for session to consider a series of actions to improve air quality and the role of Photocatalysis
The meeting will consist of discussions. In addition, we will have a poster session where other participants can present their studies.

It is currently planned to address topics that cover the general aspects of air pollution , addressing mainly transportation sources and its treatment in the atmosphere and practical ways to improve air quality in cities.PhotopaQ-Conf.2014_news
This conference is not only to account for the different phases of our experiments but also to influence environmental policies related to the use or not of these active techniques. So this conference is built as a tool for communication and education dedicated to political and civil society and policy makers.


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